A big big thank you!

At the core of Texas Radiology Associates, our Physicians play a central role. TRA operates as a practice led by its Physician Equity Partners, emphasizing qualities such as skill, leadership, camaraderie, and diligence. Our practice is in a state of continual growth and refinement, with each phase building upon the last. The primary drivers behind our progress are our dedicated physicians, whose steadfast commitment to our collective vision fuels our advancement.

We would like to take a moment to say thanks and to congratulate the new physicians on becoming
Equity Partners at Texas Radiology Associates.

All for One & One for All

Granting equity status to these Physicians wasn’t just a decision; It was a declaration. It’s about recognizing their invaluable contributions, their alignment with our shared vision, and the heart they’ve poured into TRA. This partnership is our lifeline. It keeps us on the cutting edge of patient care, innovation, and community growth – things that we all know are non-negotiable in today’s healthcare game.

Our Equity Partners – they’re the real deal. They wear their title like a badge of honor because they’ve earned it. Each one has a seat at the table, shaping the future of this company. Beyond their daily medical duties, these Partners consistently exceed expectations, going above and beyond for our practice and the well-being of our patients. So here’s to the new Equity Partners – past, present and future. Together we’re carving out a brighter
future for us all.

Meet the New Equity Partners

It is our distinct honor to introduce the 13 Physicians who have stepped into their roles as Equity Partners. From Interventional Radiology to Diagnostic, from Neuro Interventional Radiology to Mammographic, they stand tall at the forefront of their fields, each bringing their unique talents and sharing a common vision for the radiology world.

Gary Ihnat, MD | MSK

William Chandler

William Chandler, MD | MSK

Matthew Bober

Matthew Bober, MD | MSK

Zachary Jeng

Zachary Jeng, MD | IR

Brian McElaney, MD | Body

Brian McElaney, MD | Body

Nabeel Mecci, M.D

Nabeel Mecci, MD | IR

Lucy Lu, M.D

Lucy Lu, MD | Mammo

Ahmed Rizvi

Ahmed Rizvi | MD, Neuro

Dustyn Marshall

Dustyn Marshall, MD | IR

Paul Robinson, DO | MSK

Amar Singh, MD | Neuro

Xuchen Zhang, M.D

Xuchen Zhang, MD | Neuro

Ravi Vassa, M.D

Ravi Vassa, MD | MSK

Texas Radiology Associates