Diagnostic Radiology

We use imaging techniques to look inside our body and make diagnosis. 

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Diagnostic radiology varies widely and can be broken down into 6 different types of imaging techniques.


Radiographs and fluoroscopy use low dose ionizing radiation to penetrate through the soft tissues with...

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Ultrasound, also known as sonography, provides a way to look through soft tissues utilizing sound...

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The fastest and most detailed ionization radiating imaging is with CT. Commonly utilized with intravenous...

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Magnetic resonance imaging uses magnetic waves to provide the highest level of detail to view...

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a special type of imaging as it uses small amounts of radioactive...

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Mammography is a specialized type of imaging utilizing low-dose x-rays to identify early stages of...

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What Is Diagnostic Radiology?

Diagnostic radiology is a way to look inside the body by using x-rays, sound waves or magnetic signals to get information on what your organs look like and how well they are functioning.

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