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Interventional Oncology

Interventional Oncology provides an ever evolving array of minimally invasive treatments included, but not limited...

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Dialysis Access and Fistula Maintenance

Intervention radiology can provide a diverse toolbox to assist in maintaining dialysis access as well...

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Pelvic Embolization

Minimally invasive techniques are utilized to address a number of issues in the pelvis, including...

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Image Guided Biopsy and Drain Placement

Interventional radiology provides a vast variety of options for access for tissue sampling and fluid...

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Arterial Intervention

Minimally invasive, catheter directed techniques are utilized to treat blockages in arteries, wherever they may...

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Venous Intervention

Minimally invasive catheter directed techniques are utilized to address blockages as well as venous dilations,...

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What Is Interventional Radiology?

Interventional Radiology is an area of specialization that bridges and draws from several parts of medicine.

The era of interventional radiology really began slowly with the introduction of angiography. But just as the pace of technological innovation has increased, the field has grown from performing diagnostic angiography to performing procedures from head to toe and in nearly every group of patients.

At its core, interventional radiology procedures meld expertise in diagnostic imaging allowing the interventional radiologist physician to apply knowledge of how diseases manifest and behave. Armed with this information, your interventional radiologist has been trained how to use advanced tools and devices to perform procedures precisely and safely.

Many of the procedures your interventional radiologist performs have completely replaced what would have taken a surgery decades ago. And the scope of what we can do continues to grow. 

For an excellent introduction to the miracle of interventional radiology, see Without a Scalpel—the Secret World of Interventional Radiology.

Also see a dramatic docuseries on interventional radiology featuring real world cases at Without a Scalpel—the Technology and People Behind Modern Surgery.

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