Baylor Plano, TRA Open New Neurointerventional Radiology Suite

September 2014: Baylor Plano has opened a new interventional radiology suite, boosting treatment options for patients who suffered a stroke.

The $2 million renovation at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano now gives physicians the power to obtain 3-D images and take multiple scans of the brain at the same time. It also offers less invasive treatment for patients, especially those who don’t respond to the blood clot-busting medication tPA.

Also, doctors can access the small blood vessels in the brain by placing catheters through the vessels of a patient’s thigh.

This technology gives doctors more information and the ability to treat a wider spectrum of critical neurological illnesses. With these expanded treatment methods available, patients will experience faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays, and can expect to resume their usual activities more quickly than with open surgical options.


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